if youre anything like me, then this album was probably one of your first introductions to Nine Inch Nails (and industrial rock in general). and for good reason too. it was created almost completely by Trent Reznor alone when he worked as a handyman and engineer at a recording studio during his downtime. he had dozens of record labels asking to sign him, but he ended up releasing it on TVT Records who were known for novelty songs and TV jingles. it's easily one of the most interesting and successful debuts of any musician ever. he essentially lived out every indie bands dream scenario. and even if Trent Reznor doesn't like this album all that much, i do goddamnit !!! so much so that i got a tattoo of it on my left forearm, which you can see below.

Pretty Hate Machine's singles have some of the most iconic artwork of any singles i can think of. one of my personal favorites (and one i actually own irl !!!) is the cover art for the single Sin which happens to be my favorite track of the album.

Released 20 October 1989

Genres Industrial rock, alternative rock, electronic rock

Singles Down In It, Head Like a Hole, Sin