i know that everyone says this and im not special in the slightest, but i absolutely love music. like to an unhealthy degree. i don't think you'll find me at any point of the day without my headphones on. unless im at like, work or something. i guess you'd kinda have to be a music freak if you're a guitarist tho. oh yeah! i also post original music (mostly covers + riff ideas) so if that's something you're interested in you can check it out! right about now is when i'd list all of the bands/artsts that have inspired me, but i think there's enough content in this section to give a pretty precise answer. so enjoy my ramblings !! (and please god listen to my music please pleas ePLEASE !!!!)

my original music

other music stuff...




Title MakeDamnSure
Artist Taking Back Sunday
Released 14 March 2006
Genres Pop punk, emo
Length 3:32
Title From the Start
Artist Good Kid
Released 10 November 2023
Genres Pop, indie-pop
Length 2:31
Title Los Angeles
Artist Sugarcult
Released 12 September 2006
Genres Alt-rock, pop-punk
Length 3:58
Title I Wish I Was A Riot Grrrl
Artist Destructo Disk
Released 29 December 2018
Genres Punk
Length 2:26
Title Roshambo
Artist The Network
Released 30 September 2003
Genres New wave, pop-punk, post-punk, synthpunk
Length 2:46
Title The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Artist Lemon Demon
Released 22 December 2005
Genres Novelty, comedy rock
Length 3:36
Title My Generation
Artist The Who
Released 29 October 1965
Genres Rock, proto-punk, power pop, classic rock
Length 3:18
Title My Own Worst Enemy
Artist Lit
Released 14 June 1999
Genres Pop-punk, power pop, alt-rock
Length 2:49
Title I, Pessimist
Artist Alkaline Trio (ft. Tim McIlrath)
Released 2 April 2013
Genres Pop punk, punk rock
Length 2:10
Title Community Gardens (ft. Louie Zong)
Artist the scary jokes
Released 1 January 2019
Genres Synth pop, bedroom pop
Length 2:44
Title No Rain
Artist Blind Melon
Released 1993
Genres Alt-rock, psychedelic, folk
Length 3:37
Title Never There
Artist Cake
Released 27 September 1998
Genres Alt-rock
Length 2:44
Title Paralyzer
Artist Finger Eleven
Released 1 March 2007
Genres Alt-rock, funk rock, dance-rock, hard rock
Length 3:28
Title Lucid Dreams
Artist Juice WRLD
Released 4 May 2018
Genres Emo rap
Length 3:59
Title The Taste of Ink
Artist The Used
Released 2002
Genres Alt-rock, emo, pop-punk
Length 3:28
Title Everything at Once
Artist Lenka
Released 5 November 2012
Genres Pop
Length 2:38
Title They/Them/Theirs
Artist Worriers
Released 7 August 2015
Genres Indie-rock, punk
Length 2:19
Title The Red
Artist Chevelle
Released 2002
Genres Alt-metal, nu-metal
Length 3:58
Title Punk Rock Girl
Artist The Dead Milkmen
Released December 1998
Genres Pop punk, comedy rock
Length 2:40
Title Do It Faster
Artist Militarie Gun
Released 21 February 2023
Genres Alt-rock, hardcore punk
Length 1:48
Title Pink Panther
Artist Scene Queen
Released 29 April 2022
Genres Metalcore, "bimbocore," alt-rock, pop
Length 2:22
Title Apocalypticism
Artist Moon Walker
Released 20 July 2023
Genres Indie-rock
Length 4:29
Title Youngest Daughter
Artist Superheaven
Released 30 April 2013
Genres Shoegaze, post-grunge, alt-rock
Length 4:09
Title Kiro TV
Artist Sneaker Pimps
Released 20 January 2002
Genres Electronic, trip hop, dance-rock
Length 3:43

hidden gems

Title Where Seldom Is Heard
Artist Sound Curfew
Released 2 February 2024
Genres Grunge, psych-grunge
Length 34:28
Title Demo EP
Artist sundogs
Released 16 December 2023
Genres Punk
Length 10:17
Title Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind
Artist Izthmi
Released 4 March 2022
Genres Black metal, doom metal, post-rock
Length 47:55
Title Dismal
Artist Primordial Atrocity
Released 25 August 2017
Genres Death metal, deathcore, deathgrind
Length 21:59

live performances