welcome to my shrine dedicated to the early-2000s-melodic-hardcore band Rise Against!

like a lot of other people, the first Rise Against song i ever heard was Savior off of their fifth studio album Appeal to Reason (released in 2008). the lyrics had such a visceral imagery to them that wasn't really present in a lot of the rock id heard. they'd managed to capitvate my attention; tricking me into thinking i was listening to an edgy lovesick heartbreak band, when in reality i was about to be thrust into a world of politics and rage—

—but i'm getting ahead of myself.

if you want to hear me ramble about the instrumental shift in the transition between Siren Song of the Counter Culture and The Sufferer and the Witness OR the many thematic similarities in songs like Entertainment and The Black Market, then use that mouse to click below and start exploring!

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