every year during may i participate in the mayday writing challenge !! it's basically a month long event hosted by @writingtiips where you write something every day based on the daily prompt. poems that were made for mayday are denotaed with a 🌷


writing class [04.04.24]

"poetry is supposed to suck a little bit"
i told myself
in my high school writing class
hours old drip coffee
no longer cold
sitting to my left

the over-the-top edge
i developed under fluorescent lights
was a bit more than necessary

"poetry is supposed to suck a little bit"
i tell myself
sitting at the dining room table
writing straight into the html tag of my neocities page

three years have passed
and i still write useless diatribes
about how sad i am

—a coffee to my left

some things change
some things stay the same

sa [20.02.24]

my best friend unalived herself today
my girlfriend's dealing with SA,
and a piece of me is graped

l3$b1an5 and f@ggots too risque
genocide isn't PG
algo-rhythmically insane

co-dependant [05.12.23] 🌷

anxiety tricks my mind
into thinking everyone hates me

and adhd
makes sure i'm not listening anyways

they're more in love
than i will ever be
—which doesn't say much

spiralling [05.05.23] 🌷

So many
Numericals in
The Fibonacci Sequence for
Me to use in this lazy poem that I've put no
Effort into whatsoever, but I've already committed to the bit... So there.

haunted [06.05.23] 🌷

the ghosts of bay view
national guardsmen;
militia or gestapo?
only time tells

"ignore the Poles,
and their families too
tradesmen make good practice,
so just shoot to kill"

the milwaukee special

eclipse [08.05.23] 🌷

sheets of dark matter
speckled with stars,
and pillows of cosmic dust

i hide in them, with you
my own James Webb

loom over me,
as the sun to the moon,
and kiss me sweetly—
a total eclipse

abscond [10.05.23] 🌷

klepto callings
of the easiest kind
pockets lined
with the crumbs of a candy bar
and several CDs
as i leave the store
a tag where my body once stood

paper rings [09.04.23]

i make paper rings
though I know they do not last.

worn around the creases on my finger,
printed onto them with every movement.

sweat sponged in
from every waking night;
color stripped
with every point of light.

i make them,
not to display on a shelf
never to be touched,

but to live with me
as if we were one.

strobe [19.03.23]

lights may lie
and love might be a nice cushion,
but angles and eyeliner
don't cover acne
and my other imperfections.

fickle are my choices
they stem from boys attention.



and build me from scratch.

pick a different face,
and a nicer ass.
dream of me
not as I may be,
but as you'd like me so.

china & meringue [26.02.22]

what idiot puts strawberry sauce in a China glass?
a vase on the top shelf,
in the middle of tornado alley.
pureé flows out of the cracks in her skin
that stain her gloss red,
sank into the cream colored carpet,
smear across her,
and splatter onto the rubble.

the turning of a lock was useless.
the walls had already collapsed.
once discovered,
he cradled her pieces.
not because he didn't want to break her anymore,
but because he was afraid of cutting himself.
like she'd already done
many times before.

L1C3NCE PL4TE5 [19.05.21]

judge by the tabs
judge by the state
judge by the cover
judge by the date

i never judge
by your height or your weight
i only judge
by your license plates

hey, its god! [12.09.19]

over the hills past the blood-oath alter
through the field of end
i crossed my heart and,
told a lie

when eve ate that forbidden fruit
the snake turned back again
for god hated their
insufferable need
knowledge sucks when its all
fake and fucked

please bring down your fire and brimstone
crush me with your Hell
salute to me, and drain me dry
maybe I might find my way

flush the world of all its good
chaotic little sins
and hope that you dont miss a
single spot

crush strike maim pray
rinse and repeat

01101110 01100010 [??.??.??]

would it be easier
to keep my legs inside the ride at all times?
not a boundary overstepped

a woman becoming a man
is a lot more digestible
than a woman becoming an anomaly

emotionally stunted
eyes a sunken sewol
id dress like a punk
tight hugging band tees
and baggy denim jeans;
eyeliner that doesnt misgender me

i want to be a man,
but not in the way that a man is a man
in the way that i am

my finnick is my downfall;
not man enough for the gay men
too gay for the straight men
foolish to think it any other way

day to day,

i am a woman to the checkout lady on a sunday afternoon,
and the customer i ring up monday morning
not man enough to sever my chest,
not woman enough to look at it

i know what i am

an enigma
a pawn
a talking point

what people don't understand,
what they choose to fear instead

poems i love!

Mercy by Rudy Francisco

An Athiest on a Date by Unknown

Postcard by Unknown

Obligations 2 by Layli Long Soldier

Kinder Than Man by Althea Davis