Nowhere Generation

Released 4 June 2021
Genres Melodic hardcore
Singles Broken Dreams, Inc, Nowhere Generation, The Numbers, Talking to Ourselves

Nowhere Generation is the ninth (and latest!) studio album by my number-one-obsession, Rise Against. Most bands start to really lose their sound after being around so long, but Rise Against is different because this album is fucking solid. Talking to Ourselves has been a constant on my playlists. As poser-esque as this is, this was the first album from them I ever heard. I remember being inside a Target a few years ago and saw it on one of the vinyl shelves and thought "I've heard they're good, why not?" Which is both a blessing and a curse considering how obsessed I've truly become.

  1. The Numbers
  2. Sudden Urge
  3. Nowhere Generation
  4. Talking to Ourselves
  5. Broken Dreams, Inc
  6. Forfeit
  7. Monarch
  8. Sounds Like
  9. Sooner or Later
  10. Middle of a Dream
  11. Rules of Play