writing club!

what is muse adriane?


one of my favorite hobbies (that i coincidentally am really bad at keeping up with) is writing !!! i like a lot of different types of writing: realistic fiction, fanficion, journalistic pieces, poetry, songwriting, and script writing for video essays and story-driven ASMR. i like to keep a diary and a dream journal as well. im a sucker for city settings, and a lot of my stories are in urban settings. i also love cheesy romance tropes (ironic) so you'll definitely see a lot of "friends-to-lovers" and "there's only one bed." entries go in reverse-chronological order!


mosaic [25.02.24]

PROMPT: this tumblr post right here

The only reason I even tried playing Yakuza was because an old friend I'd had a falling out with played it. I would've never tried sushi or takoyaki without him. My true crime phase couldn't have happened without my childhood best friend, who would sit with me at her family computer and watch creepypasta videos until late into the evening. I still laugh at One Piece memes (despite never having seen it) because a boy I used to talk to loved it. My brother introduced me to indie-rock, and my friends are the reason I have a Stray Kids song on my playlist. My regular go-to coffee order is my mom's, even though I hate seeing her in me. She's the reason I call Otter Pop's "Icees." There's still love in my heart for Roblox because me and my middle school friends used to play it during lunch. Nimrod is still my favorite Green Day album, even though 21st Century Breakdown is my actual favorite, because it was the reason my online friend and I began talking. My favorite YouTuber got me into my favorite band.

a concept [08.08.23]

"Hey," he shook your hand, "I'm Washington... it's supposed to mean Washington State, but these guys call me D.C. because they're assholes."