glomp, glump, and glumbus

glomp, glump, and glumbus


hello, and welcome to the archives...

if you dont know, my name is caesthoffe (they/it + neos!), and this is my personal website. i use it to talk about my interests, archive all of my art n shit, and just create something mostly away from the capitalistic hellscape that is the modern internet. my interests are music— mostly nu-metal, punk, and grunge —sitcoms, 90s romcoms, leftist politics, internet freedom and the old internet in general, solarpunk living, jrpgs, sim games, queer shit, art & writing in almost all forms, and playing the guitar.

take a look around, and enjoy your stay :)) i'm working on formatting the site for mobile/smaller screens in general but i haven't formatted a lot of them (literally just the main page), so just keep in mind that full screen desktop mode is still recommended. enough housekeeping, go explore !!! :DDD

(oh, and watch out for hidden secrets :3c)


Transing the Internet!

The Ghostring!

if you like my site, you can copy the html for this cool little button stamp thing !!

(for some reason the gif wasnt saving transparently so i put a border inside the code to make it look a bit nicer)

my flags!

fun site fact: the iconic red i use throughout the site, #bc210a, is color picked from Rage Against the Machine's cover album Renegades!

i am a(n)...
activist, admirer, adult, ambiguous, anarchist, androgynous, animal lover, aromantic, artsy, BDSM, bear lover, bitch, boi, bondage, bottom, boy in a skirt, boy lover, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, brunet, caprine, cat lover, clockable, closeted, complex, confused, creative, creature, cunt, dork, dreamer, dude, esoteric, extrovert, eyeliner fag, FT?, FTM, FTX, fag, faggot, faggotdude, fairy, family-closeted, fanboy, female-born, feminist, femme-ish, fetishist, fluid, freak, free, friend, friendly, full of hate, furry, gay, geek, gender anarchist, gender atypical, gender blender, gender challenged, gender confused, gender expressive, gender variant, gendered, genderfuck, genderful, genderqueer, gendertrash, genetically challenged king, girl hater, god, heteroqueer, homo, homosexual, in transition, indecisive, indifferent, individual, introvert, kinky, LGBTQIA, leftist, lost, Mr., Mx., man-loving, masculine, masochist, misunderstood, mixed-gendered, monogamist, monogender, monosexual, multifacetted, nerd, new man, no-op, oblivious, obsessed, out-ish, pansy, person, pervert, prettyboy, pro-choice, pro-gay, progressive, queer, queerly straight, queersexual, quiz whore, radical, radical fairy, readable, self-defined, sex positive, sex radical, shapeshifter, simplex, sissy, slave, slut, socialist, son, stealth, straight?, strange, submissive, the gay, third gender, tranny, trannyboi, trannyfag, trannyqueer, trans, trans-loving, transboi, transexual, transfag, transgender, transguy, transmasculine, transqueer, transsexual, tranz, treehugger, trustworthy, twink, undecided, undefined, understanding, unspecified, unsure, wannabe, weird, whatever, who cares, whore, working class
...who are you?



  • created a whale shark shrine and an emoticon shrine + added it to shrine.html
  • removed the marquee feature for my moots buttons and now display them all at once to make things more fair
  • added some nicknacks to the main page
  • added a favorite shark poll !!! vote now !!!
  • added a new entry to the now page


  • updated the "ratm" page


  • added a bunch of links to the "useful-websites" page
  • changed some links on the blinkies page


  • formatted the nowhare generation page to match the other rise against pages
  • all writing sections now have their own formats and pages
  • added an "articles" page
  • made a shrine directory


  • added a place for my zines
  • made a place to link to the graffiti page


  • re-did the theme of the muse page
  • added a new now entry


  • got rid of the original "favorites" links in favor of just going straight to the album dissertation
  • added more fits to the style page


  • began my dissertation on "chamber the cartridge" over on the sufferer and the witness page


  • sectioned the blinkies page contents based on type
  • wrote about the dirt whispered in the appeal to reason page


  • reformatted writing/muse.html
  • got rid of the singles on the rise against pages for now, they were too bulky and looked kinda dumb
  • added a new nownownow entry
  • wrote a bit more on the bookshelf page
  • added more blinkies
  • edited the graffiti page
    • made the images in art/graffiti.html vw instead of px
    • lowered the resolution of the images so they wouldn't be so slow to load


  • added more blinkies to blinkies.html
  • made a barebones shrine directory here
  • edited some of the rise against pages
    • replaced the headers of tsatw, a2r, and endgame to images instead of text
    • added a section to a2r for singles
    • header links back to the rise against page for each album


  • main page has a favicon image now!
  • rise against page has subpages for all their albums


  • edited the formatting of the writing pages a bit
  • moved "poetry" and "dream journal" to its own page
  • gave dream journal its own look
  • new muse entry
  • made a now page
  • made a graffiti page


  • redid the bio page to look like an actual wikipedia page
  • moved the "poetry" section of the writing page to its own page


  • edited the music page
    • started writing about "pretty hate machine" in lieu of my new tattoo :))
    • finished the "basics" section


  • added a to-do section to the sidebar of the main page
  • edited the music page
    • finished re-doing the "one-hit-wonders" (got rid of two that are no longer one-hit-wonders anymore and replaced them)
    • added subsections to the sidebar
    • added the "hidden gems" section


  • edited the music page
    • moved each album section under the "favorites" of the music page to it's own page, which lets me ramble about it longer and post more stuff
    • redid the format of the basics page
    • started the "one-hit-wonders" section again
  • added a "lyrics of the moment" section under the updates
  • added a free palestine button in the top right (will link to palestinian resources asap)


  • redid the error page
  • properly linked to the rise against page
  • hid all scrollbars


  • added my evil empire and london calling review back to the music page


  • finished rewriting my "The Sufferer and the Witness" review on the music page


  • added a second sidebar to the music page


  • talked about my favorite indie-rock album (Franz Ferdinand's self-titled) over on the music page. i literally just rambled for forever so it's kind of jumbly, ill revise it later on.


  • major mainpage changes !!
    • new header, will probably change later
    • two proper side divs (yes they are scrollable but they arent long enough yet)
    • a lot of the divs have been rearranged
    • shroom.ink is back!!!


  • added my entry for muse adriane !!!
  • added some images to the main page
  • added more blinkies to the blinkie page


  • updated the main page
    • new guardian for the webpage until shroom.ink is fixed :3
    • moved all the "sites i love" to under the cat widget in the form of a marquee
    • officially a part of the ghostring !! the navigation is down below in the form of a cool fucking skeleton
    • added more songs to the music player
      • We're All to Blame - Sum 41
      • These Days - Alien Ant Farm
      • The Unraveling - Rise Against
      • Rip n' Tear - sundogs
      • One Step Closer - Linkin Park
      • Not For You - Pearl Jam
      • My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
      • Movies - Alien Ant Farm
      • Du hast - Rammstein
      • Black Sheep - Metric ft. Brie Larson
  • in the process of consolidating my journal/dream journal to my writing page instead
  • created a bookshelf page to write book reviews
  • created a shrine page to navigate all my shrines
  • new blinkies


  • updated the art page
    • made subsections: favorites, ocs, fanart, and dtiys
    • the oc section has some sub-sections as well: self-ocs and AUs, my fictionalized 1960s soviet union, smith & friends, and other


  • made a new art page with a place where you can send me drawings !!!
  • gave the writing + muse pages a new look
  • working on moving over the poetry page to my new writing page, so the poetry page is no more
  • art button now links to the new art.html page


  • new button added to mainpage
  • created a writing page + a page for the digital writing club im in !!!
  • added a gallery to the rise against page
  • updated the music page
    • added some underrated albums
    • also added some live performaces i love
    • removed the song of the moment (will move it later)


  • added a new poem to my poetry page


  • made a journal page in a similar style to my dream journal page. if you're confused about the "source" part it'll make more sense once i add photos of my journals. a lot of them are from when i was in HS so prepare for cringe


  • new dream journal entry
  • updated music page
    • deleted the pronouns page and gave a complete(?) list also at the bottom of the bio
    • (most) images now zoom if hovered over
    • added a section for shows ive been to
    • reformatted the playlist section


  • updated the formatting of the bio page to better match the aesthetic of my website. still working on it.
  • deleted the pronouns page and gave a complete(?) list also at the bottom of the bio
  • removed one of the comets and moved it under the heading


  • added two comets to the top (hehe... im non-biney)
  • updated my dream journal page (there's nowhere to link to it just yet)
  • added more art to my gallery


  • updated the main mage
    • resized the cat widget and update div so that they're the same size
    • changed the blinkie that links to the music page
    • new button under "sites i love"
    • new status.cafe updater under the window cat gif
  • updated the music page, now the "one-hit-wonders" section is a lot bigger and looks a lot nicer + added my playlists w/temp image placeholders
  • tweaked the bio page


  • changed the colors and layout of the guestbook to make it look less ugly (i played around with the idea of using iframe to display it on the front page but ultimately decided against it)


  • fun site fact added to the bottom
  • re-made the Rise Against page
  • deleted the "my music" page, going to put my original music onto music.html
  • updated the music page
    • each album picture in the "MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ALBUMS" section links to the section that i write about them; if it doesnt have a link, i havent started it yet
    • added a new "song of the moment"


  • added a bunch of music stamps to the blinkies page
  • edited the music page
    • added a place for my "song of the moment" + a bunch of band stamps inside the marquees at the top and bottom
    • added a side directory that links to different parts of the page
    • added a spot to rant about my favorite albums
    • linked to sone individual songs i like (one-hit-wonder section)


  • made a music page
  • added gif to the bottom of the page


  • transed the art gallery
  • replaced the big clunky "currently listening to" youtube embed with a more compact "whats goin on?" list
  • we now have a guardian mushroom


  • added a page for art !!! still uploading to it, and its very bare bones, but its up !!!


  • added more songs to the music player
    • Bobby Sox - Green Day
    • Christian Woman - Type O Negative
    • Do it Faster - Militarie Gun
    • Do the Evolution - Pearl Jam
    • From the Start - good kid
    • I Don't Wanna Be Me - Type O Negative
    • Makedamnsure - Taking Back Sunday
    • Playmate of the Year - Zebrahead
    • Polyamorous - Breaking Benjamin
    • Six Ways 'til Sunday - Rise Against
    • This suffering - Billy Talent
  • added a little time clock at the top that shows my timezone !!!
  • finally found a place for the moon phase tracker
  • moved CRAB ATTACK !!!
  • "i am a(n)" cool gender/orientation thing under CRAB ATTACK !!!
  • added a section to promote whatever im currently obsessed with :>>
  • new site under SITES I LOVE


  • minor tweaks to the mainpage, including some resizing and reorganizing
    • moved the dugtrio to the sidebar
    • fixed the header, for some reason it wasnt in the main body
    • linked the rating adoptables to their creator !!
    • the DIY or DIE button leads to my tumblr w the "diy or die" tag


  • made and edited the pride page, right now its just got my personal flags but i plan on adding some other cool shit there !!!
  • replaced the matrix gif with a trans matrix gif


  • CRAB ATTACK !!!!!!!!
  • changed blinkie location to the left


  • added a new button that'll go to my DIY projects (battle vest, patches, painting my closet, etc.)
  • added a couple secrets too ;)
  • worked on getting things ready to set up my art gallery so be on the lookout for that!


  • new songs added to the music player!
  • added a little scroller-thingy with all my flags; some are queer labels, some are political labels, some are movements, and others are just for funsies :3c
  • also reformatted the dates on the update thingy bcs it makes more sense


  • added some buttons to some websites i really like !!! :>>
  • by popular request (one [1] person) i made a button for my site !!! the codes all there to put on your own sites :3


  • did some very minor tweaks to the mainpage, mainly added the pride button (dont get too excited it doesnt go anywhere rn)
  • rearranged my blinkies and moved my flags to the bottom :3

[09.11.23] (no, not that one)

  • forgot to update this the last time i made changes (oopsies xp). nothing crazy, just did a bit more mainpage work. figured out how to make a sidebar so thats cool !! i also have a lil rendering of me that links to the bio page now. resize the window and you can stretch/squish them :o


  • added a small directory under the main pages name
  • made a bio page for myself using a template from the lovely Cass!! its not completely done but i like it so far
  • moved all my blinkies to their own separate page that i restyled
  • also made a spotify playlist that matches up with the one here if you want to check it out :3


  • made some more mainpage changes, the guestbook button is below until i can figure out what to do with it
  • also formatted and added more resources to the piracy page !!
  • more lame and boring back end fixing too :PP


  • theres an embed music player now !!! i made a quick playlist for it but im gonna add more songs, enough to fill up the bar at least. it wont play unless you allow music on the site which is super annoying and im trying to fix that ASAP but i promise its worth it
  • decorated a little bit too (see the gif below)


  • moved my two lil guys (bianca & blahaj) down below so i could make room for all my identity flags !!!! i also linked them to a wiki site bcs some of them are more obscure. i dunno i like microlabels, sue me.
  • apparently the lgbtq wiki is changing over to a new site so the links will change eventually. the last two are just for goofs but holy fuck that baja blast flag is so aesthetically pleasing... (-w-)
  • also rearranged some more main page stuffs and added a GUESTBOOK !!!!! please type stuffs there it would be so silly
  • i need to do some behind the scenes organizing again but it'll be pretty easy so :PP


  • new page alert!!! made a page to act as a piracy guide/resource for people :333
  • also added one of the most useful websites ive ever used: a free jailbroken spotify premium for android. ive been using it for months and haven't had issues with it. if you're paying for premium then you'll need to cancel your subscription, and as a note you won't be able to download things for offline use.
  • also added some great trans & aro resources for the seattle area on some of the blinkie buttons below :))
  • i was going through my discogs and realized that i am missing like 5 CDS, so ill have to take care of that tomorrow


  • very productive day today !!! i made a page to catatlog my CD and vinyl collection, and a link to my discogs profile if you're a music nerd like me :3c
  • there's now a website hit counter at the bottom here!!! its a bit delayed since i just added it but it's mostly for novelty anyways :P
  • the journal link before the blinkies are gone and replaced with two little fellas: bianca from animal crossing and a sharkie very closely resembling blahaj o_0
  • collected some more little stamps
  • there is officially a mushroom protecting my website!!! special thanks to Shroom.Ink for the html embed :))
  • i'll get back to my rise against page soon enough, i think i just need a little mental break from it for a few days


  • im having major artists block tonight; i havent been able to think of how to format my rise against page in a way im happy with so i wiped all my progress. tomorrow is a new day, though.


  • downloaded all of my rise against images from pinterest and added them to the page!!! now you can all see how mentally ill i am!!! images and gifs that are specifically about a song or album will be under the albums page once i start working on that. first i need to make a style sheet for all the albums !!!
  • most of if not all of my work today was doing math to resize all my images to almost exactly the same size, which took up literally all of my time
  • also did some behind the scenes organizing again, so theres that... onto the album pages!!!


  • mostly worked on making the "rise against" page look better, and im a lot happier with how it looks now!!
  • each album is going to lead to its own page where i can put up some info, ramble about them, and put the images and gifs and shit ive collected for them :'))) which is what i spent most of the time doing bcs its fun


  • renamed the 'boys no good' blinkie to 'rise against' so i could just dump all of my rise against stuff there
  • i literally spent so long working on that rise against page and it looks so bad i have no idea how im gonna fix it fjkgkgjgk


  • added a page for my original poetry !!! its one of the blinkies below you will never find it >:)) (its really easy to find)


  • collected more blinkies... check it out below !! :33 i also rearranged them a little to have them be sorta kinda not really organized
  • i want to make a credit section for all of the images i collect, but its gonna take so fucking long (T-T) that'll probably be further in the future
  • also been downloading images i use instead of just using the urls
  • i was already in the process but then one of the gifs i was originally using as the background image was taken down so now i am moving at light speed trying to make sure i dont lose anything else (dont worry this background is for forever); i just finished doing it to all the blinkies which took FOREVER since i had to covert them from .webp to .jpg, but its done now which is good because those were the ones i cared about the most :))
  • reworded the "about me" section a bit, nothing too crazy :PP
  • just finished some more behind-the-scenes reorganizing, trying to keep track of everything was so fucking difficult before


  • worked on a LOT of internal stuff (reorganizing my files into folders, deleting old files that im not using, uploading images)
  • made a page to finally start uploading original art !!! :o its not avaliable yet as i havent uploaded anything yet, but it is a work in progress
  • as of today, i have attained supporter status... i am inevitable...
  • in all semi-seriousness, i think i want to upload some audio files so i can shove my music down your throats more than i already do :pp
  • i think i might make an irl page where i can upload fit-checks and cool makeup and shit
  • completely forgot... THIS FUCKING .DIV IS A NEW UPDATE !!!!! i found out how to make it scrollable and im literally so happy its so cool, im gonna keep talking about site updates until you can see them >:3c
  • the mainpage has a bit of an update, all of my blinkies can be found below and my socials are no longer fixed to the bottom of the screen (as much as i worked hard to make that it just looked so shitty
    \(;-;\)) theres also a lot more blinkies that ive been collecting !!! they literally take up no room at all and they're so much fun for my adhd'd brain to look at
  • i have a bunch of oddly shaped blinkies that im also gonna start putting down there


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